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Traitor's Guide to North Korea is both a travel guide and a psychological user's manual for one of the world's most feared, as well as misunderstood, nations.

For seven years, Morten Traavik was an authorized cultural liaison for "the world's most closed country", responsible for its cultural exchanges with the outside world. Against all odds, he managed to win the trust of the regime and build close friendships. A major geopolitical standoff, a nuclear test and a death threat made him suspend the collaboration in the autumn of 2017. Because of this, he is now free to share his unique experiences and honest insights from North Korea.

With the Traitor's Guide, Traavik opens the door ajar and brings us closer to the daily lives of today's North Koreans, telling the stories of other fearless Norwegians who have formed close ties to the country, and explains the historical and political background for the most enduringly fascinating freakshow on the stage of world politics.

(Forræderens guide till Nord-Korea, Aschehoug, Norway 2018)