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Trondheim, Norway, 2013

Created by Traavik and school pupils from North Korea and Norway.

Directed by Traavik.

Performed by school pupils from Kum Song Music School and Steinerskolen Ila.

From North Korea, often referred to as the world’s most secretive and closed- off state, a group of young students from the prestigious Kum Song Music School travels to Trondheim. Here they work with peers from the local Steinerskole (Waldorf School) to create boundary breaking art. During an intense week together in Trondheim, the students share knowledge about education and other societal institutions to create a performance inspired by, and showing, the best of both their own and each other’s societies. The premiere date is not only the National Day of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), but is also the day the people of the parliamentary democracy that is Norway head to the ballot boxes to vote in their National Election.

In contrast to these serious events «WORK IN PROGRESS!» presents a playful mixture of youthful comments, protests, alternative angles, and visions for the future. Exploring and playing with topics like national identity, propaganda, campaign promises, prejudice, and peer pressure, they are searching for shared values.

Co-produced by: Bastard/Trondheim International Theatre Festival.

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