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Oslo, 2010, Stockholm, 2011

“My rifle is human, even as I, because it is my life. We will become part of each other."

The phrase above is taken from the military oath, the Rifleman’s Creed, which every sharpshooter in the US Marine Corps must know by heart and which they are expected to live by. What would it look like if these words were taken literally? This thought experiment is the starting point for HÆRWERK #5 - BODY ARMOUR, aiming to erase the borders between man and machine, life and death, violent urges and sexuality. Here, Traavik interprets the Rifleman’s Creed, and the relation between soldiers and weapons, in his own way.

The Body Armour weapons were developed in collaboration with the Army Museum in Stockholm, Sweden and integrated with different materials like silicon skin, fur and sequins.

Forsvarsmuseet Oslo (N) 25.11.10 – 01.02.11

Armemuseum Stockholm (S) 09.04.11 – 11.09.11

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