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The Wastefulness Commission (WC)

Work in Progress, theatrical premiere May 8 (part 1) and June 22 (part 2), 2021

«To live is to war with trolls, in the vaults of the heart and mind; To create is to launch Judgment Day on yourself.» – HENRIK IBSEN, Poems (1871)
«Welcome to a place where unnuanced, white, male, populist SHIT will be allowed to flow freely from the main stage!» - KAI JOHNSEN, (2019)

Culture Wars as Russian Roulette 

When that crazy little thing called Covid-19 came knocking down cultural life as we know it, The Wastefulness Commission (Norwegian: Sløserikommisjonen), already months before its planned May premiere at Festspillene i Bergen, was -and still remains- the most hotly contested new stage performance project in Norway of 2020, with repercussions all the way up to the Ministry of Culture.

This unexpected artistic collaboration between and the anonymous Facebook influencer and activist Sløseriombudsmannen (The Wastefulness Ombudsman) has thrown large parts of Norway’s cultural sphere into a frenzy of speculation, accusations, introspection and nervous apprehension, right up to the inner sanctums of the Great Provider, Arts Council Norway itself. 

The use and/or misuse of bodily fluids as artistic expression quickly became both a central issue of debate, and – in our view – a universal metaphor as well. The Wastefulness Commission is definitely for those who give a shit, not least about art and freedom of excretion

In times of economic and political uncertainty, the concept of a tough, but fair and tongue-in-cheek self-examination of personal networks and the use of public funding in Norwegian cultural life seems to trigger strong existential fears in many culture workers.  Especially as the Grand Inquisitor of this cultural People's Tribunal will be the hitherto anonymous Facebook persona Sløseriombudsmannen (The Wastefulness Ombudsman) and his more than 50,000 followers, for years stoking fear and loathing among «the elite» of our national arts and culture scene. 

The Wastefulness Commission’s examination of Norwegian cultural life in general will be presented to Norwegian taxpayers in two parts – 

Part 1: Mission statement and action plan. May 8, 2021 (venue and platforms TBA)  

Part 2: Findings and recommendations for the future where even the mysterious Wastefulness Commissioner him (or her-)self will finally step out into the spotlight. June 22, 2021 (venue and platforms TBA)  

«Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.» - WINSTON CHURCHILL (1942)