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Norwegian Theatre Academy, 2009

Old Master Ibsen was never famous for his sense of humour. Thats partly why we have chosen his only (and rather unappreciated) comedy to play with. An unfunny comedy. Sounds funny, actually. Maybe it isn’t really a comedy at all. Maybe it is something else, and equally interesting. Maybe not. Anyway, in our hearts there’s always a soft spot for the underdog with a cool name. The League of Youth that’s a cool name. We’ll have that, please. Never mind that we haven’t even read the play. We are united in ignorance. Ignorance unites us. Free your mind and your art will follow. Hey, sounds like we’ve already started dreaming up slogans for a new political party. You’ll hear from us soon. The League of Youth that’s us.

  • With: ACT 8 (2nd year acting students) 
  • Director: Morten Traavik
  • Henrik Ibsen's "League of Youth"