Arts Interventions Development


Oslo, 2011

(Norw.:) “EG ER MIN EIGEN FIENDSMANN” is the birth of a musical and aesthetic genre, TRUE NORWEGIAN WHITE METAL: based on the installation YES/NO (2011) by Morten Traavik

  • Director: Morten Traavik 
  • Cinematography: Carl Dieker 
  • Text: Olav Aukrust, from the «Solrenning (Sunrise)» (1930)

This pilot collaboration between Norwegian director Morten Traavik and his compatriots in industrial artcore band Himeriksskvadronen (The Heavenly Kingdom Squad) is simultaneously a music video in its own right, part of the gesamtkunstwerk YES/NO and a journey by caterpillar tracks through our own zeitgeist, where White Knights can appear in many guises: rock stars, the declared insane, terrorists, UN peacekeepers, aid workers, artists, politicians and other interventionists with visions for the world.

Music by The Kingdom of Heaven Squad: Lieutenant Simmswatts: battery, Lieutenant Kybermensch: synth, Captain Warhead: noise, guitar, Major Sturmgeist: vocals, guitar.

  • Costume design: Nia Damerell 
  • Line producer: Lena Thorsmæhlum 
  • Editors: Morten Traavik and Carl Dieker 
  • Post-production: Carl Dieker 

Tanks borrowed from the Swedish Military Vehicle Museum ARSENALEN.

Video: Norske underteksterEnglish subtitles.