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Kirkenes, Barents Spektakel 2018

In early December 2017, long-time collaborator and former Norway-Russia Border Inspector Frode Berg, one of the key players in the Borderlines projects, was arrested by Russian FSB in Moscow, accused of espionage. He later admitted to on occasions having served as a courier for communications between Norwegian military intelligence and Russian collaborators, but denied ever having carried out any spying activities himself.

During the February 2018 Barents Spektakel international arts festival in Frode’s hometown, Kirkenes, in collaboration with festival organisers Pikene på Broen and the local campaign «Bring Frode Home» installed a BORDERLINES version re-named FRODE’S BORDER in the centre of Kirkenes. In this incarnation, the Norwegian-Russian border posts served as a silent reminder of Frode’s lifelong dedication to cross-border collaboration and the need for  Norwegian authorities to work for his speedy return home.           

FRODE’S BORDER was officially opened by Mayor of Kirkenes, Mr. Rune Rafaelsen.