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Kirkenes + Oslo and Murmansk + Moscow, 2011

Borderlines consist of 21 pairs of border posts from the border with Russia in the Norwegian far north. During 2011, these posts form temporary border zones through urban public spaces and people's daily movement patterns in the centers of Kirkenes, Oslo, Murmansk and Bergen. The work carries references to both current state borders, cold war history and the relation between center and periphery. Simultaniously, borderlines reflects other and less vivible types of borders that are a constant part of the human condition. 

  • 2-14 February 2011: Gågata-torget-Førstevannet 
  • 3-11 February 2011: Oslo: Stortinget-Spikersuppa-Slottsbakken 
  • 14-28 February 2011 Murmansk: Ulitsa Vorovskogo – Prospekt Lenina

BORDERLINES is commissioned and curated by Pikene på Broen and supported by KORO