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Shabana Rehman

Chief Diversity Officer

Shabana Rehman (Urdu: شبانهرحمان‎) is a Pakistani-Norwegian stand-up comedian, writer and columnist. 

One of seven siblings, she moved with her family to Norway in 1977. 

Shabana started her career as a columnist in major daily newspaper VG in 1996, debuting on the stand-up scene in 1999. She later started working as a columnist for Dagbladet in 2000 and is a regular contributor in newspapers and magazines.

For decades, she has remained one of the most steadfast, influential and provocative voices in Norwegian public life on questions linked to integration, diversity, freedom of expression and human rights, Shabana often fuses artistic and performative techniques with social activism to comment on political and social issues. She is a recipient of the Norwegian Fritt Ord (Free Speech) Award for her achievements for freedom of expression and diversity of opinion.