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Kjetil Møster

music, sound and fury

Kjetil Møster is a Norwegian saxophone player. Since 2000 he’s been working with numerous bands, artists and projects, playing hundreds of concerts around the world and has released around 50 albums with various projects within the field of jazz, improvised music, electro-acoustic noise, contemporary music, free rock, hip hop, pop and so on. Most active bands is or has been: Møster!, Datarock, Ultralyd, Zanussi Five, The Core, Trinity and glam rockers King Midas, but he has also done projects with Chick Corea, Pat Metheny, Paal Nilssen-Love, Bugge Wesseltoft, Jon Christensen, Andrew D’Angelo, Jim Black, Maja Ratkje to name a few. Is also contributing on albums and has played live with Röyksopp, Lars Vaular, Sondre Lerche and many more.