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HONEST JOHN is on display during the 'Targeted Interventions' exhibition in front of the  Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr in Dresden from 27 April  to 30 October 2018. 

The exhibition War is for Men - Peace is for Women? GENDER AND VIOLENCE  asks the question: Are violence and the capability to use violence a matter of gender? Is "female" an equiva-lent to "weak" and "male" an equivalent to "soldierly"? Or is what is considered a typical male and female (violent) behavior the consequence of societal rules and traditions which are subject to change? Like war, which arises from peace, and peace, which is not the ab-sense of violence, the differentiation between the genders is not as definite as we assume, believing in the dichotomy between peaceable women and violent men.

About the work: ”Honest John (Let’s be Honest)” consists of the first nuclear-capable surface-to-surface missile in NATO’s arsenal, rescued from oblivion in the storehouses of the Cold War and dressed in a 7 meters long transparent condom custom-made in China. It was first exhibited at Forsvarsmuseet in Oslo (N) 15th of March in 2010.

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