(Beyond the longest mile)

created by The Tynset Project

Year: 2006

Place: National Theatre, Riga, Latvia /
Black Box Theatre, Oslo, Norway

"Oslo, 10.10.2005

TYNSET PROJECT is an art collective of directors, performers, writers and musicians based in Oslo, Norway. As part of our ”Bak lengste mil” project, we wish to hire a theatre company from the former East Bloc to develop, stage and perform the Norwegian historical play “Bak lengste mil” (Behind the longest mile) on our behalf.
The practical task will be as follows:
You will produce a performance locally in your homeland (this will reduce the production costs, and allow us to pay you higher salaries)  and then later perform it in Norway under the brand name of TYNSET.

If this sounds interesting to you, please contact TYNSET PROJECT as soon as possible.

Tynset Project is Snorre Hvamen, Morten Traavik, Sten Inge Jørgensen and Kjetil Skøien. The Tynset Project production ”Bak lengste mil” was performed by Teatris Observatorija in Oslo, Norway
and Riga, Latvia in April-May 2006. 

Selected press coverage:

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-Dagbladet, Oslo, Norway 30.03.06

Avslørt som kunstunt

-NRK, Norway 06.04.06

Olsokspel i latvisk tapning
-Aftenposten, Oslo, Norway 20.04.06

Kultur, penger og papirer
-Aftenposten, Oslo, Norway 23.04.06

Svetas asinis
-Teatris Observatorija, Riga, Latvia

Marius E. Hauge
Morten Traavik
Snorre Hvamen